The Importance of Self-Care & Mental Health

With the weather getting colder now that we're deep into November, the days are getting shorter and adapting to this change in season hasn't been the easiest for me. Not being exposed to natural light really does affect my mood. Luckily, the simple pleasures I look forward to every day include getting to dress cozily in cute turtlenecks and sweaters. 

This past weekend, I managed to catch some light on a pretty nice and dry day while running errands. I've been loving these new suede boots I found recently and wear them probably every single day. The soft pointed and stacked block heel make for a versatile look and are super comfortable.

I've been so busy! I realize that I spend way too much time looking at screens. At work, I'm staring at my desktop all day. When I'm out and about, I'm staring at my phone and when I'm home I get drawn into Netflix on TV or spend time consuming content on my laptop. I know it's the norm of our society today and that most of us face this sort of lifestyle. Probably not by choice. I must confess it has been a little difficult for me to commit to blogging since one of my goals is to focus on real connection which means unplugging completely. But, blogging is something that I genuinely enjoy and I feel good when I create more than I consume.

I reminded myself that blogging for me wasn't just to share outfit posts or beauty tips. I care more about what's happening under the surface. So, I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about something I'm really passionate about. Mental wellness. Because it's something that has been more forefront on the news and media lately, I do want to bring to light the importance of daily self care.

I personally have been affected by depression and anxiety and dealt with it most of my life. It's something close to my heart and for the rest of my life, I want to advocate for it. It really hit me hard in my early 20's and I have been able to overcome a lot of my struggles and achieve a better understanding of how to manage my stressors. I'm in a way better place now, but I know that it's something I'll have to manage for the rest of my life and that I can't ignore it. I haven't been very open about this but recently built the courage to share because I've been inspired by other people's stories, whether be it online or in my own community. The worst thing is being alone and suffering in silence. I'm grateful I have a strong support network made up of family and close friends. I hope that I'm able to share and inspire others to talk about mental wellness openly and support each other without judgement. And even if you're not affected by it personally, I'm sure there is someone in your life that has been.

I strongly recommend watching this Ted Talk about the importance of self-care. I found it very compelling and insightful. If you'd like to learn more about mental illness, I'd recommend finding out more information on the CMHA website. It's a good place to start for resources.

Always remember to be kind to yourself, be grateful, have perseverance and always make "me time" a priority even if it's 10 minutes to meditate before bed.

Hope you have a great week!

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