Hot Springs & Winery Girls Getaway in Southern California



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I recently traveled to Southern California and met up with a girlfriend of mine who lives in Los Angeles for a girls getaway trip. We did drove to Temecula from LA, which is about a 1 hour drive without traffic. Our main goal was to simply relax, unwind and spend quality time catching up. I've put together some of the highlights of my trip in this blog post. I hope you'll find it helpful if you ever plan on making a trip out there, which I strongly recommend if you're looking for a relaxing experience.

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Day 1: Temecula, California

Our Vineyard Airbnb

Day 1: Exploring Old Town Temecula

Temecula Valley is Southern California's wine country. It is rural in nature and there are several family owned vineyards where you can do wine tours, wine tastings or weddings and events. Did you know that Temecula Valley grows 50 different varietals of wine? Yup, there are a lot of wineries out here.

We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in a private guesthouse suite on a gorgeous family owned vineyard. It was a great location as well, being close to many different wineries. Our Airbnb hosts were very friendly and hospitable which is always a bonus when traveling. They told us that if we wake up early (like 6 am) and get lucky, we would be able to see hot air balloons from their home. I was too tired to wake up early, but my girlfriend was a trooper and got to see a couple hot air balloons!


Temecula Civic Center

Since we arrived in the late afternoon, we decided to explore Old Town Temecula and go out for dinner there. There is a rich sense of history and culture that is still maintained and I definitely felt like I took a step back in time admiring the rustic western-era buildings and architecture. We checked out Temecula City Hall which was a grand and impressive looking building. I would recommend coming here in the daytime since by the time we got there in the evening, most shops were closed and it was quite dark to do any sightseeing. 


1909 Restaurant

We went to the local hot spot restaurant called 1909 as recommended by our Lyft driver. The food was pretty good and the vibe was very chill. Apparently it turns into a club at night but we decided to skip the party scene in order to get a good sleep for our next day at the spa.



Glen Ivy Hot Springs is located in Corona, California which was about a 30 minute drive from our Airbnb in Temecula. This was the biggest highlight for my trip as I've never been to a hot springs before and it was an amazing experience!

The entrance fee is $49 on weekdays which is great value as you can spend the whole day there and enjoy the different hot springs and pools. I also did a 50 minute body scrub and 30 minute body massage which felt extraordinary.

A must-do is definitely the Grotto ($25) which is a unique group experience. You basically take an elevator down to an underground chamber where you are coated with a thick body mask. Then you relax in a hydration chamber to allow the body mask to work its magic. When you're ready, you rinse it off in the shower and then relax in a Cool Chamber with tea and healthy snacks. I did this with my girlfriend and it was so fun!


Club Mud

The mud bath called Club Mud is what they are best known for! It is a one of a kind experience where you basically cover yourself in therapeutic red clay mud. The mud is essentially California red clay combined with the natural water from the hot springs. The mud does wonders for your skin by softening it, exfoliating dead skin cells and drawing out toxins. It's such a fun and hilarious experience seeing a whole group of people slathering on dirt on their bodies like a herd of animals haha. Everyone was having so much fun doing this. I would come back here just to do this again!


Glen Ivy Kitchen

There is a restaurant that serves yummy food and healthy options if you want to grab a bite. We ordered nachos and a wild salmon salad as a late lunch, and also treated ourselves with some indulgent desserts!


Wellness Classes & Activites

There are also activities that you can participate in for free with your admission. I did a Chi Gong class for the first time which was so relaxing. There are also classes like Yin Yoga, Aqua Fit and Meditation classes throughout the day.

The Chi Gong instructor was very knowledgable and I liked the group experience component of the class as it was inspiring for me to see older women looking so healthy and feeling so confident about their own bodies. I want to age gracefully and take care of my body as I get older! Chi Gong helped me learn about the importance of breathing, meditation and connecting with nature. It helped activated my sense of being in the present and being mindful which was a beautiful feeling.

I could stare at palm trees and sunset skies forever.

Day 3: Wilson Creek Winery

We spent a beautiful sunny Saturday at Wilson Creek Winery. The entire vibe of Wilson Creek Winery was just so damn chill and relaxing. I wished I could have spent more time there. There were families having picnics, women on bachelorette parties, couples on dates and people of all ages just enjoying the day. The grounds and facilities were pristine. There was a live musician who I thought sounded like Justin Timberlake. It was so fun! 


Brunch at The Creekside Grille

We had a fabulous brunch accompanied with tasting glasses of the Wilson Winery's award winning Almond Champagne. It's a must-try if you ever go there!


Almond Champagne

This is a tasting glass size which for me was a generous portion considering that it was complimentary. 

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The Vineyard

We explored the vineyards that were open to the public. There are wine tours being offered here that are about 1 hour long. Because we didn't have enough time, we couldn't do this but I'm sure it would have been a really interesting experience learning about their practices and seeing how they make their wine.


Wine Tasting Room

The tasting fee is $20 per person and includes a $5 coupon towards a wine bottle purchase. I enjoyed the friendly and warm atmosphere of the tasting room. 


I hope you found this itinerary helpful! If you have any questions or comments about the things I did on this trip, leave me a comment below. Have a wonderful day!