Sparkling Hill Resort Review

This year to celebrate my birthday, I wanted to do something chill, relaxing and also pamper myself in all that self-love goodness which for me happens to be indulging in spa treatments, facials and massages all day long. 

Justin & I made a mini vacation out of it and drove to Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon. It was also a golf trip for Justin since he loves to golf. We golfed at The Rise in Vernon together and then another day Justin golfed at Predator Ridge while I spent the day at the spa. Golf for him and spa for me - a perfect compromise haha. 

Getting to Sparkling Hill was a 5 hour drive from downtown Vancouver. This was the longest road trip we've taken together. It was not too bad of a drive according to him, and I made sure to actually stay awake and keep him company all the way.  Side note: a road trip isn't the same without my trusty Spotify app. (PS. Seriously, I can't live without Spotify... it's so good! You can check out my Summer Vibes playlist which is a mash of my current favourite songs. Just click the Spotify icon on the the top right of this page or click this link here.)

Anyway, back to my post about Sparkling Hill. Overall, it was a super relaxing and peaceful experience. I definitely enjoyed my stay there. Not to be negative in any way, but being totally honest I felt it was a great destination for sure but I wasn't totally blown away by it. It's not a dig on the resort or staff at all, but just my personal opinion and probably due to my own self hyping it up and having crazy high expectations. 

It was also kind of a bummer that smoke and haze from the wildfires had totally covered the view from our room facing Okanagan Lake. But fortunately on the last day we were there, the skies cleared up and I was thankful for Mother Nature listening to my prayers and pulling through!

I made a list of what I liked and didn't like so much about the resort. Scroll down after the photos if you'd like to know what I thought about it.


  • It's a remote and isolated location so if you want some snacks or forget to pack something, you have to drive out into town (at least 20 mins to Vernon) which isn't very convenient. 
  • It can get pretty boring after a while cuz there's only so much spa you can do in a day and the pools, sauna and steam rooms close at 10 pm. We didn't want to go to bed early so we ended up spontaneously driving into Vernon to watch a late movie. PS. Despicable Me 3 is AWESOME!
  • It can get quite loud with people walking down and making a ruckus in the hallway. Our room was on the 2nd floor and in the middle of the hallway. I guess it depends on what room you're located in though. 


  • Beautiful resort and layout with views of Okanagan Lake. The architecture of the resort is stunning and unique. It's also super pretty inside and you're surrounded by sparkly bling - the resort is designed with 3.5 million Swarovski crystal elements!

  • I liked the spa treatments at Kur Spa. I did a customized facial which was amazing. My absolute favourite treatment was the Dead Sea Mud Wrap. I experienced dry-brushing for the first time which was amazing for my super dry and dehydrated skin. The mud wrap was deliciously relaxing too. Shout out to the ladies Jocelyn and Kimberly who did my services and did an awesome job making me feel pampered!
  • There are 7 unique steam and sauna rooms that are part of the Kur Spa amenities and open to guests. It's a lovely experience and if you get bored of sitting in steam for too long, you can swim and lay out by the infinity pool.
  • Great place to stay and relax if you're a golf lover. Predator Ridge is super close (5 mins drive) and the restaurant there is pretty good.
  • All in all, it's a peaceful and tranquil resort that is not too far from the city. Definitely a lovely resort for relaxing and also a romantic getaway destination.