Maui Travel Highlights

Aloha! Finally, my long overdue post about my Maui trip is up. Justin & I went to Maui at the beginning of this year during the end of January. I remember it was snowing in Vancouver when we were in Maui. I was really grateful for a winter escape to a sunny destination. Give me sunshine, the beach, the ocean and I'm happy! 

This was my first time traveling to Maui. I'd only been to Waikiki, Oahu with my family before when I was little, so I had some idea of what to expect. And Justin would always share his childhood stories about vacationing there with his family, so I was super excited to experience it for myself. I was surprised how different Maui was! It was less big city feeling and more quiet, relaxed and slow paced. 

Our main mission there was to find our wedding venue, which we were able to successfully accomplish. We managed to see 4 different potential venues in total. It was not a hard decision at all after an amazing experience staying at the Andaz Maui. We felt it was the perfect venue for our wedding and can't wait to go back there to get married! Although our trip itinerary was mostly filled with wedding planning tasks like meeting vendors and location scouting, doing all of that was just so much easier in a beautiful setting like Maui.

As we always do when traveling, we planned our itinerary around good food - fresh poke, fish tacos, sushi, loco moco and more! We ate really well there.

Here are some highlights from our Maui trip.

Stay: We stayed at the beautiful Andaz Maui. I immediately felt relaxed, welcomed and at home by the amazing staff there (their service is top notch!). The first thing I saw that took my breath away was the amazing view of the ocean. The modern architecture and stylish aesthetic of the resort was STUNNING!

I loved how everything was designed to embrace the natural elements - lots of windows for light, open concept to feel the island breeze and natural textures to compliment its beautiful surroundings. Every single aspect of our experience there from our room, the spa and dining was impressive. We can't wait to go back!

Where to Eat: We had really good and fresh sushi at Koiso Sushi Bar in Kihei. It was a truly authentic experience, and I was super impressed! It is a small restaurant (only 16 seats), so make sure to call ahead to make a reservation. Nothing can compare to eating sushi at Sushi Dai in Tokyo, but this came close. Highly recommend!

For delicious cheeseburgers, check out Stewz Maui Burgers. They serve local grass fed beef. Good quality ingredients and super fresh! It was so satisfying after a day spent walking around.

For the best shaved ice on the island, go to Ululani's Shave Ice in Kihei. They make fresh mochi there which was so freakin' good! 

Ka'ana Kitchen, the restaurant at the Andaz Maui, was really good too! We indulged in a super decadent and delicious dinner on our first night. I didn't take any photos because I was totally focused on eating and enjoying the delicious food haha. Breakfast was excellent! My favourite was the loco moco and the Hawaiian bento. So yummy!

For super fresh and delicious fish tacos, Coconut's Fish Cafe is the best place to go. The coconut shrimp was light, crispy and tasty! So good.

Explore: Haleakala Crater is a must-see on the island! It's a popular attraction and definitely worthwhile to check out. The best time is to go super early to catch the sunrise. We couldn't get up that early haha, so we went right after breakfast first thing in the morning. The moonscape is spectacular - like nothing I've ever seen before. It looked like Mars or some desert planet. I'd suggest that if you want to go for a hike, plan ahead and be prepared! Duh, seems obvious but I didn't anticipate the dizziness I felt with the thin air up there. The elevation is 10,023 ft! Justin was totally fine, so it just depends how fit you are. I'm a lightweight and passed out from exhaustion and dehydration the moment we got back into the car. I was out cold for the entire ride back to the hotel haha. 

The uphill part of the hike was brutal! When I saw this view of how far I had to go back, I immediately regretted walking so far down hahaha.

The uphill part of the hike was brutal! When I saw this view of how far I had to go back, I immediately regretted walking so far down hahaha.

I definitely enjoyed being on island time and appreciated the chill and relaxed vibes. I also looooooved the sunsets there. It was incredible how everyone would stop to marvel at the sunset and how it felt like time would just stay still. Sooo romantic!