Bowen Island Yoga Retreat

I recently went on a short trip to Bowen Island with Justin and stayed at Nectar Yoga B&B for a yoga retreat. It was everything I had hoped for - relaxing, peaceful, comfortable and full of nature and adventure. Best of all, it's super easy to get to from Vancouver. Highly recommend if you're looking for an escape from the city. On this post, I share the highlights of our trip!

Yoga: It was our first time doing a yoga retreat. I was really looking to spend quality time with Justin, connect with nature and immerse myself in some major self-care. It was also Justin's first time doing yoga ever! I was excited to introduce him to yoga. I liked the intimate setting of the yoga dome. I get distracted really easily when I do yoga, and having an inspiring place to practice yoga in helped me focus on my poses. Having a private class was great as we were able to receive attention from the instructors when it came to guidance and correction of our form. We had awesome instructors (Andrea & Chantal) who were super friendly and had really positive energies.

I had done yoga before, but my experience this time around felt really different and special. I really liked that the instructors offered a variety of different styles of yoga, and I discovered totally new poses I had never done before. It was also a valuable experience in terms of learning about the practice of yoga. I appreciated learning about the history of it, how it's been practiced for centuries and how to incorporate it into our daily lives.  

Stay: We stayed at the Forest Cottage and did the yoga package. During our three days there, we had a yoga lesson and guided meditation session every day. Doing yoga first thing in the morning felt invigorating. After the morning sessions, Andrea the owner would make us a healthy and delicious breakfast. The cottage was super cozy with cute decor. The bed was so comfortable. I had the best sleep there!

Dining: There are only a few restaurants on the island. Our favourite was Tuscany Pizza which is an Italian restaurant. The pizza was heavenly and the pasta was delicious! Such a wonderful dinner and in a pretty romantic setting.

Getting Around: Getting to Bowen Island from Vancouver is easy. We did a sea safari tour on a zodiac with Sewell's Marina which was awesome. It was a beautiful and sunny day to explore the Howe Sound coast line. We got dropped off at Snug Cove on Bowen Island after. This was the first trip we did where we didn't have a car with us. It was the best way to explore the island for us. We did use the new Bowen Island taxi service which was convenient for us when we wanted a ride to and from Snug Cove area, which is where the ferry terminal is and the main town area. When we departed, we walked on the ferry back to Horseshoe Bay which is free for foot passengers. It was a quick 20 minute ferry ride.

Riding Scooters: We rented scooters from Zoom Zoom Bowen. Jamie, the owner, was super friendly and taught us how to ride them. I was really excited to ride one, but I won't lie when I was practicing on the scooter I started to get super nervous because it was kind of heavy for me to handle. I had a really rough start which shook me up. I got stuck trying to go uphill and caused quite the scene in the middle of an intersection... yikes haha! But, after a while I started to get the hang of it and it felt really liberating zipping down the road - I clocked 60 km/hr at one point and didn't realize how fast I was going! It was really fun riding to the other end of the island to Pebbly Beach. 

My biggest takeaways from this trip was to learn to let go and not to feel guilty about spending time doing what makes your soul happy! It was also really exhilarating being able to face a fear and conquer it totally. We were super fortunate with great weather during our stay and spent as much time outdoors soaking up the sunshine and being in nature.  It's also always uplifting when you go to a new place and meet kind and friendly people along the way.

Hope you found these highlights helpful and gained some inspiration to plan your next getaway and try something new. Always remember when life gets hectic, just breathe, be kind to yourself and nourish your soul with love and happiness! Namaste.