Chanel Slingback Shoes Review


Chanel Slingback Shoes

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” - Coco Chanel

After months of research, saving and obsessing, I finally purchased my very first pair of Chanel slingbacks. I’ve always adored how classic and timeless these shoes look. I enjoy the story behind this shoe as well, and feel like I’m literally walking in the shoes of history when I wear these. The shoe was first launched by Coco Chanel in 1957 and then became an extremely coveted shoe when Karl Lagerfeld brought it back in 2015.

I’ve tried these shoes on at different stores in the United States, but never in the colour I wanted which is the beige and black two tone. So when I found them in Vancouver, I knew it was my lucky day when they had them in my size (34.5) and in the colour combo I wanted. And as you know, if the shoe fits, just buy them!

Now that I own them, I wanted to share my honest review on them.

I have the 65 mm heel (2.6 inches) in the goatskin and grosgrain material.


I know it’s an expensive purchase, and definitely a splurge. But when it comes to Chanel you know you’re purchasing an investment. I also rarely buy expensive shoes, unless I really like them. And, I didn’t just like these, I loved them haha. I paid $1,005 CAD for them before tax.


The shoes are beautifully made and I absolutely adore the CC logo that’s on the heel facing out. I really like how the toe of the shoe is a rounded point, which has an elegant ladylike appeal combined with a cool modern vibe. I also am obsessed with block heel shoes. There’s a really nice curve from the sole to the heel of the shoe that is just such a flattering shape.


With Chanel, you can only expect the very best when it comes to quality. The goatskin leather is sturdy yet soft and feels very durable. After wearing it a few times now, I can feel the leather really conforming to the shape of my feet. It didn’t take very long to break these babies in. However they are also very delicate and I wouldn’t recommend wearing them if it’s raining out. The sole is also quite fragile as I noticed after wearing them out the first time, just walking from the car to a restaurant, that it looked quite worn already. These are definitely very precious shoes!


To be honest I feel like these shoes aren’t the most comfortable. They are wearable, but definitely meant to make your feet look pretty and not so much feel comfy. For some reason, the elastic band never ever stays on my heel and keeps sliding down. I found out on other blogs and forums that I wasn’t the only woman having this problem. It’s a bit disappointing, and I feel like I need to somehow create my own #lifehack to solve this. Despite this, I don’t regret getting them at all. I generally feel like when it comes to super beautiful shoes, comfort isn’t really the reason you buy them.

The best part of this shoe is that I know I will enjoy wearing them as I mature, as it’s such an iconic and classic shoe. I think they are an absolute classic and here to stay.