My Personal Style

Fashion Fades. Style is Eternal.
— Yves Saint Laurent

I used to follow fashion trends a lot when I was younger, but now in my mid twenties I've grown to develop my own personal sense of style. Fashion trends are fun, but I've learned not all of them work for my petite size and often times, trying on something trendy doesn't make me feel like myself.

I've invested in key classic pieces that are my wardrobe essentials and integrate a high-low mix to my everyday style. What exactly is high-low mixing? Basically, it's mixing high and low fashion. In my case, I love a good quality designer bag and splurge on those (bags over shoes any day!). And I'll save on daily basics and casual wear by shopping at more affordable places.

I've always loved to dress up since I was a little girl, and I totally believe in the magic of an amazing outfit. Fashion and style for me is all about expressing your personality and boosting your self-confidence. When I dress up and put on an outfit before leaving my home, I feel like I'm putting on my daily armour and whatever I'm wearing gives me that extra edge and power I need to get through my day and accomplish whatever I need to get done.

My daily style changes based on my mood, and my personal style has grown over the years and will probably keep evolving. But for now, if I were to describe my personal style I would say it's classic, minimal and feminine with an edge (like I'll wear a pretty lace dress, and throw on a leather jacket). I dress for comfort first, channeling easy, breezy, laid back vibes. And last but not least, I like to add a touch of sleek sophistication to keep things classy and fabulous always!

  1. Wilfred Aritzia Top, F21 Button Up Shirt, Just USA Jeans, Vince Camuto Lace-up Heels, Gucci Bag
  2. Forever 21 Top, A&F Jeans, Sam Endelman Block Heels, Gucci Bag