Business Casual Outfit

August has been an amazing month so far! I've been busy settling into my new job and although time seems to fly at work, I am super happy for a fresh change and to keep growing in my career. I am really excited to apply my business background and passion for marketing with my love for travel. It's also a bonus to be in a dress code enforced environment where everyone has their own unique sense of style and there's plenty of outfit inspiration to go around.

I love dressing up and found the perfect blazer from Aritzia that has become a staple for my version of business casual. It's super comfortable, feels luxurious and adds a touch of professionalism to polish off a work outfit. I've already established a good cost per wear now that I've worn this often. I'm also obsessed with these grey suede leather mules and have received a lot of compliments from them.

Since this is a work outfit post, I thought I'd do something different and share about the career and life lessons I've learned so far. I love sharing my outfits but when I started this blog, I knew I wanted to provide depth and go beyond the surface of what I'm wearing.

I've had some time to reflect on my journey after graduating from university a couple years ago. I know I've grown so much over the last year in terms of knowing what I want and getting a strong sense of clarity to pursue my own goals. I'm not a career advisor or life coach, but I definitely want to help and inspire others to pursue their dreams and fearlessly go for it!

My perspective on life has completely evolved to understand that happiness is honestly the ultimate goal. Since I was little, I've always been a great student, overachieving and excelling at anything and everything I could, and that instilled a mentality that made me really hard on myself. I dealt with failure terribly and would focus on small mistakes more than significant successes. During my time at university, I wish I spent more time with friends and just being more social in general rather than studying and working all the time. While I'm really proud of myself for graduating with honours from business school, I didn't fully recover from the stress of it all that I just got so burnt out and over exhausted after not ever having a break.

This past year, life has really taught me the biggest lesson that no textbook ever has. I don't like being a quitter and I don't know when to quit something that's not making me happy. After experiencing a seriously awakening mental and physical health scare, I finally started listening to my body and respecting my pain. I learned to put myself first no matter what and stand up for myself instead of just going with the flow and suffering in silence. After all, you are your #1 support system!

There's no shame to go through struggle because without it, you won't have the opportunities to channel your courage from deep within. As I grow older and life gets busier, my perspective on balancing and juggling it all has been replaced with simply setting priorities in life. I've learned that prioritizing yourself first allows you to do so much more for others as well. And when everything in your life is aligned, your goals and dreams do come true. Love happens. Creativity and magic happens. The amazing things that are meant for you happen. You find your path and may not know where it takes you, but you just keep going with intention, clarity and a happy heart.

Hope that this inspires you to keep going in the direction of your dreams!

Forever 21 Dress, Aritzia Blazer, Steve Madden Shoes, CĂ©line Bag