Crop Top & Maxi Skirt Outfit

There's something about wearing a maxi skirt that just makes you feel polished. You don't need to be super tall either (sure it helps), as long as you nail down the proportions! It's always difficult for me to find a maxi skirt that I like because it's always too long. Yeah, the struggles of being short are REAL. Of course, there's always tailoring and all that but the time and money it takes to get it done sometimes isn't worth it for a piece I may only ever wear once. So, I was lucky that this pretty pink pleated maxi skirt fell just above my ankles. Combining a simple and structured crop top made for a clean silhouette and lengthening effect that made it work.

The crop top was a piece I got on sale at Aritzia and I love the crepe texture of the fabric. Shopping by feel and touch is really important to me and I care a lot about quality. Obviously, there's got to be some sort of way to discipline my shopping habits so my rule is that if it's not something I need, then it has to be on sale for me to purchase it! It helps me stay in check. Or that's what I tell myself anyway.

I'm also loving the Céline cabas phantom bag I recently splurged on! It's definitely a great everyday bag and very versatile. Initially, I was hesitant about purchasing a bag without a zipper but I actually learned to like having easy access to grab my phone, keys and whatever I need in my bag. It also fits a lot and is super sturdy. Definitely a worthy investment piece!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now (you're amazing!), I hope to keep sharing more style posts and tips with you. I'm also planning to share more health and beauty type posts (maybe even a product review!) in the future so stay tuned and do contact me if you have any requests, questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you! 

Forever 21 Skirt, Wilfred Aritzia Top, Caslon Shoes, Céline Bag