What My 2017 Was Like For Me

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what my 2017 was like for me

a lifestyle // personal post

It's the start of the new year and I wanted to take some time to pause, reflect and share what my 2017 was like for me. 2017 was without a doubt the best year of my life and in a way it felt like my life just started. What made it the best year for me? Well, the simple truth is that I finally found a way to feel free and happy by living life the way I wanted. This is definitely going to be a very personal post, but I realize that vulnerability and openness is the only way to stay connected and authentic with you. So here it goes...


- I quit my 9-5 corporate job and said goodbye to my desk/cubicle life and left behind the highest salary I've ever earned and best benefits I've ever had in a job. I took a big risk doing that as I didn't have anything lined up, but I knew that I had lost my passion in my work. I was burnt out, tired of it all and ready for something else.

- I took some time off to just start fresh, decompress and just figure out what I wanted to do.

- I stopped comparing myself to others in terms of success, health, wealth etc. I just focused on me and shut the noise out.

- I started working as a freelancer. I embraced being my own boss and learned the ups and downs of self-employment.

- I was recruited by a fashion company. I totally took a 180 degree and tried something totally different going from a corporate desk job staring into a computer everyday to styling customers and learning the business of selling clothes. 

- I traveled to Maui for the first time in February, went to Los Angeles twice (the first time I stayed at Venice and the second time I stayed at Temecula, Newport Beach & San Celemente), went to Las Vegas (partied with a group of amazing friends and saw Chainsmokers at XS). The last trip was back to Maui for my wedding and then Kauai for my honeymoon.

- I went on roadtrips within BC to Bowen Island (yoga retreat), Sparkling Hill (for my birthday spa-cation), and went to Whistler twice (the first time was for my bacholerette party and the second was with Justin). 

- I learned how to golf. I can thank Justin for that. He got me my first set of golf clubs. I tried golfing an entire 18 hole course with him. Key word: tried. 

- I practiced self-care and made it a daily thing. I also started practicing meditation and journaling more often.

- I went to see a professional anxiety therapist. This helped me gain clarity and insight and made me realize that taking care of my mental health should always be a priority. The one takeaway from seeking professional therapy was that I realized I didn't really need one at all in the first place to solve my problems. The answers were all within myself.

- I challenged myself to learn how to code and took a crash course in coding.

- I challenged myself to cook more and learned to make simple yet healthy vegetarian/vegan meals at home.

- I took an intensive life success/personal development course in October that just rocked my world and shook me to the core. It was a painful yet awakening process having to confront my own fears and mental boundaries, but it was a major catalyst for my own personal growth. It helped me to focus on what my goals were in terms of relationships, career and passion projects.

- I stepped up my blogging game and started to make space for my creativity. I re-discovered my love for design, fashion, music and art all over again and started blending elements of what inspired me into own aesthetic. 

- I went to see Bruno Mars and Coldplay perform live in concert. They were both so much fun and filled me up with so much energy and inspiration. They were good reminders of how it's important to have fun in life.

- I hiked Joffres Lake at the end of summer. It was epic.

 - I read more books than I ever have in my adult post-university life. Most of them were non-fiction books in the self-help category and others were totally random and just for pure fun. Back story: I used to read a lot as a little girl as I remember my mom bringing me to the library to borrow books every Sunday growing up. Getting reacquainted with that feeling of diving into a good book and the satisfaction of completing it was delightful.

- I strengthened my body and physically transformed myself. I lifted weights and went to barre class consistently while eating a clean diet and doing intermittent fasting. The heaviest I ever weighed in my adult life was 118 pounds. The lowest I have ever weighed as a teenager was 90 pounds. My average weight now is 92 pounds. I am 5' 0.5" and this is within my healthy range. I don't care that much about what the weighing scale tells me as it is just a tool to monitor my health. I do focus on doing self body scans and checking in with myself to see how I feel as I find that a more accurate indicator of my health. I learned to listen to my body more.

- I kicked the shit out of my rheumatoid arthritis by totally reversing my symptoms of pain. I rejected medicine and went the natural route. I saw food as my medicine.

- I reconnected with old friends, made new friends and grew even closer with my closest group of girlfriends. I realized quality is way better than quantity, and sometimes you have to let go of people that just aren't aligning with you anymore in order to grow up.

- I found my core beauty/glam team. What I mean by this is that I found amazing professionals who helped keep me feeling great and looking great. It's so important to me to connect with the people that provide their services to me and I am so happy with my hairdresser, personal trainer, eyelash extension technician, nail technician, wax technician and skincare squad.

- I saw my younger brother take his Sauder graduation photo and fly off to start his career in Toronto. I saw how his 5 month long backpacking trip to South Africa, Israel, Jordan and Nepal changed his life which sparked inspiration for me to travel more, but really travel-travel and not just luxury travel. That is something I want to do more of in my life.

- I saw my father win 3 golds in table tennis at the BC Senior's Games. I saw the joy in my mom's face when she told me about her dance classes and all the things she did volunteering. My parents are both in their 60's. Those were big highlights for me as it reminded me that age should never be an excuse in my life and should never stop me from doing something I wanted to do.

- My older sister and her husband telling me that I am going to be an AUNT in 2018. OMG. I am so pumped. 

- My parents-in-law taking me out for my birthday at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants was special. They are the most generous and loving mom and dad in-laws I could ever ask for.

- Finally, saving the best for last... I got married to the love of my life and soulmate. It sounds so cliche but my wedding day and entire weekend in Maui where I was celebrating my wedding was the happiest I've ever been. Being surrounded by friends and family that traveled so far to spend the weekend with us was so incredible.

There are so many more memories and moments of 2017 that were special, and the list could go on and on but I've shared these ones with you as they stand out to me the most. 

Thanks for reading this and letting me pour out my thoughts. I hope the new year brings you everything you seek and wish for.