Restaurant Review: Cascina Spinasse


Cascina Spinasse

Italian restaurant in Capitol Hill, Seattle

I had the pleasure of having dinner at Cascina Spinasse with Justin to celebrate New Years Eve 2017. Although it's been a while since our dining experience there, I felt compelled to write about it as it was such a fantastic experience!

Spinasse is an Italian restaurant located in Capitol Hill in Seattle. It's known for its modern interpretation of the traditional cuisine of the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The original chef spent 6 months in Piedmonte, Italy training. It is one of Seattle's must try restaurants and for a good reason! Spinasse is recognized as one of USA's Top 5 Restaurant for Italian dishes. I heard about it from one of my girlfriends who had dined here and strongly urged me to try it as I love Italian food.

We had a 6 course menu for New Years Eve and I've shared photos of each course, except unfortunately for dessert which I ate before getting a photo of! Dessert was a choice of foie gras mousse or hazelnut zuppa inglese white chocolate mousse. Both were super yummy.

The pasta was very delicately hand cut and fresh. My favourite was the ravioli with egg yolk - omg it was just fantastic! The gnochetti was really light, fluffy and had so much freshness in the texture. I don't normally like gnocchi as it's usually quite dense and chewy but this was heavenly.

The ambience is very relaxing and charming. Lighting is quite dim but it makes for a nice mood. Service was excellent, as our waiter was eager to share her knowledge about the ingredients and wine. It felt like fine dining, but without the fuss and stuffiness. Our 6 course set menu dinner was $130 per person. While it is in the higher price point, the value you receive makes it worth it as we let very full and satisfied. I can't wait to go back and try more on the menu!


first course

Wild Alaskan Spot Prawn Salad Aioli watercress, Meyer lemon & grapefruit


second course

Beet and Carrot Salad with Beet Meringue and Pistachois


third course

White Truffle Pork Sausage Risotto bianca & Ravioli with Egg Yolk and Polenta Black truffle succo


fourth course

Potato Gnochetti with Caviar, Chives & Caramelized Shallot Crema


fifth course

Pan-Seared Scallops Salsify spuma, smoked parsnips and celery root

Pan-Roasted New York Steak, Beef-stuffed cippollini and bone marrow bombolino with seared kale