My Favourite Coffee Shops & Juice Bars in Vancouver


My favourite cafes and juice bars in Vancouver

Vancouver in the summertime is so lovely. Being able to walk around the city with an almond latte (my fave!) or a cold fresh pressed orange juice in hand while the weather is warm yet breezy makes me fall in love with the city I live in all over again. Most of all, after traveling around the world I've realized how fantastic the food and ingredients grown and offered here are.

I've been going to a lot of cafes and juice bars lately when I feel like I need to get out of the house and do some work on my laptop in a different environment, or to simply enjoy some downtime on the weekend with Justin or to catch up with friends. There's a good chance you'll bump into me in one of the places I've listed down below. I like them that much! So, I wanted to share a few of my favourite cafes and juice bars in Vancouver that I've grown to really enjoy lately. I know there are plenty more places I have yet to visit in the city, so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments. I hope you'll enjoy this list of my personal favourites!


Revolver | 325 Cambie Street in Gastown

Super fresh and high quality coffee. Flavours are complex and satisfying. Baristas know their stuff (hello latte art!). Eco-friendly. Friendly and efficient staff. Cool vibe. Very instagrammable spot. Seating is limited, but there is a big communal table in the space next to the cafe where you can relax or work. Free wifi. 


Small Victory | 1088 Homer Street in Yaletown

Great coffee and delicious variety of pastries (the croissants here are my fave!) and breakfast food such as avocado toast etc. Casual vibe. Trendy modern look. Instagrammable spot. They don't serve iced coffee (to Justin's disappointment). Busy especially on weekends and mornings, but if you're lucky you can score a table or spot at the bar.


49th Parallel Roasters Cafe | 2909 Main Street in Mount Pleasant

Best. donuts. ever. Need I say more? But seriously, it is that good and are my favourite donuts in the city. The French crueller and the sourdough-nut (it takes 48 hours for these babies to bake, and are so worth the wait!) are my favourite. Coffee is delicious too. Pretty busy spot but there is plenty of seating and outdoor area too. Friendly staff. Free wifi. 

Honolulu Coffee | 888 Nelson Street (and other locations) 

The best 100% Kona coffee in the city. Love the tropical aloha vibe. Super chill vibes. The mugs and plates are really nice. Hawaiian lattes are so wonderful. Turmeric golden milk lattes here are delightful. Good amount of seating. Free wifi. 


Matchstick | 639 E 15th Ave in Mount Pleasant

Beautifully designed space. Open, clean and lots of light. Lattes are heavenly and perfectly blended. Insta worthy. Delicious coffee. Really nice staff (one time the barista gave me an extra croissant because he said one looked too small). 

The Birds and The Beets | 55 Powell Street in Gastown

Modern and spacious coffee shop. Super cool atmosphere. Very instagrammable. Great for meeting friends. The avocado toast is worth the splurge - try it once and you'll see what I mean. 



Aqua Sushi and Juice Bar | 1764 Manitoba Street in Olympic Village

This was my go to spot when I lived in Olympic Village for a quick healthy pick me up of fresh pressed juice. They also have really fresh and good sushi if you want a bite as well. Clean and bright space. 

MELU Juice and Health Bar 1110 W Pender Street in Coal Harbour

Great variety of fresh cold-pressed juice, vegan nut mylks, superfood smoothies, cleanse packages and organic vegan dessert. Unique ingredients to target specific health desires. Super cute decor. Friendly and helpful staff. Very instaworthy. Communal table and countertop bar seating. Glass bottle, not plastic. Free wifi. 


Nectar Juicery | 102 W Hastings Street

Really cute spot and pleasant decor. 100% organic cold-pressed, unpasteurized and fresh juice. There are cool health and wellness products like skincare tools, healing crystals. Recipes are designed by a collective of Ayurvedic practicioners, holistic nutritionists and naturopathic doctors. A grab and go kind of place. Seating is limited. Glass bottle, not plastic. I like the details of their packaging which tells you the purpose and benefits of each recipe.