A Personal Update (because it's been a while)

Whoa, I can't believe it's the middle of the year already! It's definitely been a while, like a LONG while, since I've posted on my blog. I took a break and hit the pause button. Honestly, I didn't feel like I really had the choice because I was just so busy. Like the overwhelmingly holy !@#$ what is happening kind of busy. It made me realize how darn tired I was of being busy and how annoyed I was of always saying that I was busy. And blogging was unfortunately the last thing that came to my mind in that mentality. 

I eventually realized I didn't want to keep going on like that and it was truly important for me to prioritize my blog more among my other passion projects because it just simply made me happy. I've made some big changes in my lifestyle lately. I've invested more time in doing the things that make my soul happy like practicing yoga and meditation, learning new recipes to make nutritious meals and exercising more often to strengthen my body.  I've started to feel better about being in control of my own life and most importantly, I've started to feel happier without feeling guilty.

On my latest Instagram post, I wrote a caption about the importance of being fearlessly authentic and true to yourself no matter what. It took me years to get to a place in my head where I felt comfortable not being bothered by the opinions of others, or worrying about trying to impress or please people.

It's been the best in helping me to combat my anxieties and fears. I hope that whatever challenges or worries you face in your life, you always remember to put yourself first and love yourself first. Because when you do that and stay true to your soul, trust me that amazing things that are meant for you will happen!