We're Engaged! Our Proposal Story

From the moment I first met Justin, I knew he was the one and that I had finally found my person. As we dated and got to know each other better over time, we had many heart to heart conversations about life, love and marriage. I knew eventually we would get married, but I honestly had no idea how Justin would pop the question. And when he actually did this past September in the beautiful island of Sonora, it was so sweet and magical. I was completely overwhelmed with intense joy and happiness from head to toe when I saw Justin getting down on one knee. I said YES in a heartbeat, even before I caught a glimpse of the ring!

It has only been a few months since I’ve been engaged. Only after I started referring to Justin as my fiancé out loud, that I did start to feel different after being engaged. I don’t know how to describe it, but the strength in our relationship gives me an uplifting yet grounding sense of self, but above all just makes me giddy with elation. 

I wanted to share the story of how Justin proposed on my blog. In the weeks leading up to the day Justin proposed, I was really busy after starting a new job and was feeling stressed from the daily grind. I wanted to spend the long weekend in September to just get away from it all and relax. Justin knew I was way too busy to plan something, so he took on the task of planning our end of summer trip. I usually am the one researching and planning itineraries, so it was a bit difficult for my inner control freak to let go, but I trusted Justin to take care of everything and it was kind of exciting and fun not knowing what on earth we would be doing, or even where we would be going.

All I knew was that we would be going to one of the islands off the Canadian west coast, and that I was to prepare for an anniversary photo shoot in the wilderness as Justin had hired a photographer as a gift to me in honour of our 2 year anniversary. Little did I know that he was using that as a decoy to photograph the exact moment that he would get down on one knee and propose. I was definitely caught off guard. So sneaky and clever!  

On the morning of our departure from Vancouver, Justin had forced me to repack my luggage because I had too much stuff. I wanted to be prepared for our photo shoot since I had no idea what kind of terrain or weather to expect at our mystery location. In the end, Justin helped me decide what clothes and shoes to bring so that I could pack light. Instead of taking a ferry like he said we would, we ended up driving to the south terminal at the Vancouver airport so I knew something was up! 

It was really nerve wracking waiting for our flight because I had no idea what mode of transportation we would be taking and honestly I was afraid of getting in a small plane. We ended up hopping into a private helicopter, which was surprisingly a very comfortable and easy ride! It was both of our first times on a helicopter and the 50 minute trip was one of the most breathtaking experiences ever as we had a birds eye view of the beautiful British Columbia coast. 

When we arrived at Sonora Resort, at Sonora Island, I felt like we discovered a true hidden gem. I felt like the purity of nature cleansed my soul immediately. The serene sound of the ocean waves, the calls from the wild sea lions and the majestic mountains surrounding us was grounding. It was perfect.

After a short orientation of our surroundings from one of the Sonora Resort managers, I was in a frazzled state with only having 15 minutes to get photo shoot ready and Justin knew that I do take forever to get ready so it was a bit of a battle to get me out the door. We were already running behind schedule, but when we met our photographer, Carrie Olney, I felt completely at ease. Carrie was so patient, friendly and just amazing! It was the first photo shoot Justin & I had ever done together and she helped guide us through the process and gave us good direction so that we felt comfortable and natural in front of her camera.

There were moments when I was close to Justin that I suspected something was a little weird. Like, why the heck was he breathing so loudly?! He was shaking at one point, and really stiff the next second so I asked him if he was okay and to please relax. He assured me that everything was normal and that he was camera shy, so I didn’t think much more of it.

After taking a few photos and getting used to the camera, we discovered a dirt trail through the forest which led us to the open water. Because it was low tide, we decided to make our way down to the rocks towards the inlet, as it was a beautiful shot with the mountains in the background. We carefully ventured down and we found two rocks that were the perfect size for us to balance on. It was when our photographer, Carrie, directed us to turn back to back that Justin all of a sudden told me he wanted to say something as part of his “anniversary speech”. 

I honestly can’t remember exactly what Justin said but I realized that he was probably going to propose when he mentioned how we had made so many memories traveling around the world, and that he wanted to continue making those memories together for the rest of our lives. When he got down on one knee, I felt my body being overwhelmed with a rush of warmth and an almost numbing sensation throughout my bones that left my knees weak and head spinning. 

Surrounded by the peace and quiet of the mountains, trees and water, it really felt like it was just the two of us in the universe. I totally forgot that our photographer, Carrie, was just a few feet away from us! I’m so grateful that she captured that moment because it was such a blur to me.

The ring itself is stunning and I can’t help but get mesmerized every time I look at it. From the anticipation of a mystery getaway location, the adrenaline of traveling by helicopter, to the awe of being surrounded by such beauty and tranquil in nature, it really was an amazing and unforgettable weekend.

I’m beyond grateful for all the love and support that Justin & I have received from our friends and family after we shared the happy news. We’re both excited to grow into the next step of our relationship and embark on our adventure in life together.