How to Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall was a rewarding project. It was definitely a bit daunting as well. I spent months of searching and finding the prints and frames that I liked. I'm really happy and proud of the end result! The gallery wall elevates the style of my beauty room and adds an uplifting tone to the vibe. I wanted to create a relaxing and inspiring space where I would enjoy getting ready to start and end my day in.

The toughest part of the project was actually assembling the gallery wall, but if you have the patience and the right tools, it is pretty simple! Of course, it also helps to have your own personal handyman for a second eye and to keep you company.

Here are some of the things you'll need to create a gallery wall, along with my tips and tricks.

Tools: Level, pencil, picture hangers, picture wire, tape measure and a step ladder.

Prints: This is the fun part of the process! I wanted to go with a white and gold theme with pops of pastel colours. The prints I purchased were from a variety of different stores (The Latest Scoop, Bouclair and Chapters). I also used two cards I received for a birthday and anniversary to add a hint of something personal (they also happened to fit the smallest frames I had perfectly).

Frames: To stick to the palette, I selected frames that were gold, white and grey to complement the prints. I used a different frame for each print to add an interesting element to the mix. I purchased my frames from IKEA and Homesense.

Layout: I would recommend to measure the amount of wall space you want to fill, and then arrange your frames on the same amount of space on a floor. Take a photo of the layout and rearrange until you're satisfied with the look. It also helps to start with the biggest frames first.

Assembly: The final step! We encountered a minor roadblock when we found out that the wall we thought was completely drywall was actually concrete. So instead of nailing the frames in, we used picture hangers and wires. You could trace the outlines of your prints, tape them to the wall, and hang them. Or you could just rely on the photo of the layout (and skip a very time consuming step!) as a guide like what I did. The most important thing is to use the level to make sure each frame is straight and aligned.

And voilĂ ! Gallery wall complete. The best part is the feeling of accomplishment and of course, getting to enjoy a gorgeous gallery wall full of your favourite prints and designs.