Learning to Speak Your Partner's Love Language

Time does fly when you're having fun. It's been almost 7 months since Justin and I got married, and I wanted to do a personal blog post about life after the wedding. Ever since I got married, the most commonly asked question I've received is "How's married life?" followed by the unavoidable "Are you going to have kids yet?".

It's easy for me to answer the first question. Married life has been everything I've wanted so far. That's because I've consciously been working on making it how I want it to be. As for the second question, well... that's an answer for another time.

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My Favourite Coffee Shops & Juice Bars in Vancouver

Vancouver in the summertime is so lovely. Being able to walk around the city with an almond latte (my fave!) or a cold fresh pressed orange juice in hand while the weather is warm yet breezy makes me fall in love with the city I live in all over again. Most of all, after traveling around the world I've realized how fantastic the food and ingredients grown and offered here are.

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5 Fun Facts About Me

've been blogging for a while now, and I have met so many wonderful new people through social media and discovered new opportunities through what I do here. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I appreciate everything about it.

I'm a naturally shy person, but blogging has made me become more open and I want to continue to open up to my viewers as I continue to blog. I realized that there must not be a lot of viewers who really know me outside of social media, so I wanted to do a light and fun personal post sharing 5 fun facts about myself so that you can get to know me better! 

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