My Favourite Eyebrow & Eye Liner Makeup


my favourite eyebrow and eye liner makeup

Hello my lovelies, 

Today I'll be sharing my favourite eyebrow and eye liner makeup with you. I've been using the liquid eyebrow and eye liner made by Amaterasu Beauty for a long time now, and am really excited to partner with them for this post. Amaterasu Beauty is a Vancouver company that was formerly known as Geisha Ink. The name Amaterasu was chosen by the brand founder in honour of the Japanese sun goddess, and I adore that unique story behind the brand.

I like that the eyebrow and eye liner products are long lasting, water proof (I can attest to that as it lasts through my sweaty barre classes) and have a precise fine tip for the sharpest wing shape. I also enjoy the fact that products have clean formulas, and contains no parabens.

On days where I don't feel like wearing any makeup at all, the only thing that's necessary is to fill in my eyebrows. I think that if there's only one thing you can do when it comes to makeup if your'e too busy or can't be bothered to, that it's the eyebrows that make such a big difference! If your eyes are a picture, think of your eyebrows as a frame. I really like the liquid brow liner compared to a powder formula because it delivers super fine and precise lines that give you that natural and full look. Nobody wants boxy cartoon like eyebrows.

The eye liner is another product that is my holy grail eye makeup product. The tip of the brush is very fine yet strong, and glides on super smoothly just like a fine calligraphy brush.

The colours I wear are "Brunette" for the Liquid Brow Liner and "Black" for the Liquid Eye Liner. 

I'm really excited to share that right now, you can get any individual products from Amaterasu Beauty with my 10% off promo code. I hope you'll enjoy these eye makeup products just as much as me!


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