Hair Tutorial

Hi loves,

Ever since I chopped off my hair, it's been a big change for me getting used to my lob length cut but I'm so glad I did it. I often get asked how I style my hair, so I've decided to show you exactly how I do it in this hair tutorial video. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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My Favourite Eyebrow & Eye Liner Makeup

Hello my lovelies, 

Today I'll be sharing my favourite eyebrow and eye liner makeup with you. I've been using the liquid eyebrow and eye liner made by Amaterasu Beauty for a long time now, and am really excited to partner with them for this post. Amaterasu Beauty is a Vancouver company that was formerly known as Geisha Ink. The name Amaterasu was chosen by the brand founder in honour of the Japanese sun goddess, and I adore that unique story behind the brand.

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Jill KohComment
My Favourite K-Beauty Skincare Products

After introducing K-Beauty (Korean beauty) products into my skincare routine, I noticed how much healthier my skin looked and felt. I love the K-beauty approach to skincare. It's all about an anti-aging approach to skincare to achieve hydrated, fresh and nourished skin that looks radiant without makeup, and is something that can't be faked even with makeup. Basically, it's skincare goals! I recently discovered some K-Beauty skincare products while traveling in Asia, and wanted to share my tried and tested current favourites. 

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